Public Art

Weathered Venus

By Jim Dine
Category: Sculpture


Weathered Venus, a large scale bronze sculpture, is a contemporary celebration of the value of traditional craft and form in sculpture. In form and appearance, Dine’s sculpture alludes to the famous Venus de Milo, an ancient Greek marble sculpture with both arms missing. By leaving the surface of his piece unfinished, Dine exposes his artistic process and calls attention to the beauty of the original Venus de Milo by presenting it anew to the world. Like much of Dine’s other work,Weathered Venus uses abstraction to remove the popular connotations and clichés from well-known, historic pieces. Through Dine’s contemporary version of Venus, what has now become cliché in the art world is recognized to be an important cultural legacy.

Dimensions: 8′
Year Completed: 2004
Material: Bronze
Owner: Gateway Foundation

About the artist: