Review Grants


Based on their experience and interest, St. Louis City and County residents who nominate either themselves or someone else may be selected to review and score RAC grant applications, which encourages community involvement and adds relevance and resonance to the process. Eligible reviewers receive an honorarium of $200. This is a demonstration of RAC’s acknowledgement of and appreciation for the time and effort invested by our arts community. Please click the button below to complete and submit a short form to nominate yourself or someone else as a grant reviewer.

Reviewers are selected based on the number and type of applications received, so you may or may not be called for service during the 2024 grant cycle. If you are not selected to be a grant reviewer during this cycle, you will be added to RAC’s reviewer pool and may be contacted for future opportunities. To learn more about grant reviewer requirements, time commitment and timelines for specific grantmaking areas (Artist Support, Organizational, and Program Support Grants), click the button below.

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