Local Singer Honors Greatest Generation Through Song

January 5, 2022

Her passion for singing started in a church. Elizabeth Lakamp was only a child, but she noticed something that changed her life.

“I saw a baby looking at me over her mother’s shoulders,” she explained. “She had a look of wonderment and amazement as I was singing.”

From that moment, Lakamp understood the power of song. The power of voice.

“Music awakens my spirit and simply feeds my soul,” she explained. “Performing never gets old to me. As I’ve matured, I have become obsessed with the power of positivity and radiating light to my little corner of the world. Performing gives me that.”

You will rarely find Lakamp on a traditional stage or theater. She performs almost exclusively for a group very near and dear to her heart – senior citizens.

“The Greatest Generation has been through so much in their lives,” she said. “I do what I can to bring them some happiness. I keep things upbeat and energetic.”

For more than 25 years, Lakamp has visited nursing homes, assisted living spaces and retirement communities performing her talents.

“I really enjoy performing for retirement communities during their happy hours,” she quipped. “They can be a rowdy bunch!

When the pandemic hit, her show was suddenly put on hold. “Everything was locked down. I was completely out of work,” she admitted.

Through the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis Artist Relief Fund, she was able to stay afloat during the turbulent time. “RAC blessed me by awarding a grant that helped me to stay current on the bills. Just as importantly, the grant gave me peace of mind during that rough period! I will always be thankful to the RAC for their generosity!”

She started performing again in 2021. Though the future remains uncertain, she remains committed to her love of singing for seniors.

“At its core, the arts bring us together. Whether it’s music or a museum or live theater, each form creates an escape. Art offers thought provoking perspectives that helps us to see another perspective. We need art more now than ever.”

Lakamp has dreams of expanding her operation into a nonprofit – focusing specifically on Vietnam veterans across the country. She has been active in the Greater St. Louis Honor Flight since 2014. Learn more about her work.