St. Louis Arts Chamber of Commerce Wins National Award for Creative Placemaking

April 19, 2022

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The St. Louis Arts Chamber of Commerce was recently awarded a thousand dollar grant from the University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine funded by the Kresge Foundation. Its project, ”Bridging the Divide-ReConnecting St. Louis,” was recognized for demonstrating how to leverage WE-Making to address racial justice efforts in America. WE-Making provides a landmark, evidence-informed framework that maps the relationship between place-based arts and cultural strategies, social cohesion, and increased equitable community well-being.

“This multi-phase project bringing together public policy, urban planning, the arts and residents brings creative placemaking to a new level,” said Sandy Brooks, St. Louis Arts Chamber of Commerce executive director. “Creating art parks, installing Little Libraries in each of seven neighborhoods, implementing a student mentorship while creating murals in the area, focused upon resident input and participation, to address crime, vacancy, property values and economic opportunity is creating community on new levels.”

The organization has partnered with the Saint Louis Association of Community Organizations to extend the development of the Great Rivers Greenway along the Hodiamont Track. Residents are involved in all stages of the project including goal setting, design, installation and maintenance of parks, murals and more.

The St. Louis Arts Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based collaborative of artists and patrons who are committed to establishing the greater St. Louis region as a premier arts destination. An advocate for all genres and mediums of the arts, StL Arts Chamber aims to build a strong network of individuals and organizations with a shared interest in promoting and supporting professional growth, artistic expression, and community engagement.