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Creativity thrives in St. Louis. Sculptures, murals, fountains, mosaics and memorials are part of the fabric of the streets and parks of our region. Public art goes beyond the expected idea of art. Public art in St. Louis extends to a wide range of innovative concepts, projects and programs. Explore the different areas of our community and the public art that enriches our lives below.

A group of site-specific, temporary public artworks in Downtown St. Louis.

Downtown STL Public Art Initiative
Leading the charge to bring more public art to Downtown St. Louis.



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Studio Buoy

Belleville (IL)

This piece, sculpted by a graduate of Southwestern Illinois College is eight feet tall and…


Belleville (IL)

At the top of this 14-foot sculpture is a pool of water that overflows, creating…


Belleville (IL)

This piece consists of three five-and-a-half feet high, four-and-a-half wide and one-foot deep rough-hewn irregularly…


Belleville (IL)

Built of gleaming white cararra marble and standing on a grassy knoll, the 35,000-pound freestanding…

Fractured Form

Belleville (IL)

Cut apart and reassembled, Fractured Form is both a powerful geometric stainless steel sculpture and an object…

Double Happiness

Belleville (IL)

Double Happiness is eleven feet high and six feet in diameter. The sculpture has the combined inspirations…

Astro Treillage

Belleville (IL)

Michael Dunbar named this piece “astro” meaning star, and “treillage,” a latticework for growing plants.…

Aspirations of Atlas

Belleville (IL)

Karpowicz is particularly drawn to tension at the point of contact, or “joint”, between disparate…

Vertical Loop

Arts in Transit

Pedestrians stroll the Pageant Walkway while overhead, atop totem poles, an artist’s palette — a…

The View From Here

Arts in Transit

The View From Here is based on the event of the 1904 Worlds Fair, a complex…

Speed Shift

Arts in Transit

“Speed Shift” challenges conventional perceptions of time and space. The work features two ribbons of…

Poetry Spirals and Medallion

Arts in Transit

Two busy streets intersect; there’s a traffic light, turning cars, buses, bikes and pedestrians crossing…

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